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Spectrophotometers: 1200 Series
UNICO is proud to introduce the all new complete SpectroQuest line of UV-Visible scanning spectrophotometers. The new SpectroQuest line consists of four distinct series to meet the broad requirements of education, industrial and research applications.


  • SQ-2800: Single Beam 4nm 190-1100nm
  • SQ-2802: Single Beam 1.8nm 190-1100nm
  • SQ-3802: Split Beam 1.8nm 190-1100nm
  • SQ-4802: Double Beam 1.8nm 190-1100nm


  • 115V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz Switchable
  • Choice of single beam, split beam or double beam designs
  • Fixed or variable slits (bandwidths)
  • PC models or Stand-alone models with large LCD display
  • Sealed and solvent-resistant tactile keypad with alpha-numeric entry for user file names and user entry of units
  • Pre-aligned deuterium lamp for easy lamp replacement. Lamp usage and the status of the lamps may be monitored
  • Powerful built-in or PC Windows® software including sophisticated utility programs
  • Data Download-to-PC software for stand-alone models (optional)
  • Online software upgrade capability via Internet (for stand-alone models)
  • Full A4 print-outs of graphs and tables of results with popular inexpensive printers such as HP or Epson Deskjet
  • Real-time clock for date and time stamping of results
  • Performance validation and report (GLP compliance)
  • Full CE compliance