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UNICO is introducing the MAGNIFICO™ Loupes

Crisp, clear imaging is provided by these very useful loupes. By enhancing your ability to see the smallest details; these loupes help make sure you can accurately make that critical diagnosis, or get the procedure done correctly.


These atractive glasses feature swing‐out loupes
and eye protection. When you don’t need them
for a moment, simply swing them up, and out of
your line of sight, then back down again the instant
you need them. The loupes adjust interpupillary distance with one simple twist of a knob

Optional LED illuminator package is available

  • Working Distance: E2500 & E3500 = 420mm (16.5”) +/- 30mm
  • E2500 Field of View: 100mm – 140mm (2.5” – 5.5”)
  • E3500 Field of View: 60mm – 115mm (2.3” – 4.5”)        

Each package contains:
  • a set of loupes mounted on safety glasses
  • a lens cloth for keeping them clean
  • a screw driver for making tension adjustments
  • lanyard so you can hang them around your neck
  • a sturdy, protective case for storage when not in use.
Catalog Information
2.5x Loupes, 420 mm (16.5”) working distance
3.5x Loupes, 420 mm (16.5”) working distance


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