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A simple and compact design for the busy phlebotomist. The Flexi-Phleb
has large carrying capacity without bulk. Tube Organizer Photo
The tray provides a handy pull out drawer that is great for storing needles, bandages and other items. The top level accepts removable Tube-CUBE™ racks that
secure a variety of tubes, ice cups  for temperature sensitive samples, sharps containers, or whatever your
specific activities demand. Back at the lab, merely exchange your collected samples in Tube-CUBE’s at Specimen Processing with empty ones and you are ready to go again!
Tray is constructed of tough, durable LDPE
for long service and easy cleanup.
4 Tube Cubes
2 - 9 place, 1-4 place and 1- 1 place
2 Squeegee Squeezer:
Red Heart Phlebotomy Assistants (pn#28080-1)
5 Tube bins ( Model 48710 only)

 The Tube-CUBE™ is an innovative and unique way to organize  your tray. Available in 3 sizes to accommodate variety of tubes   and accessories. No more ice spilled all over your basket or large tubes that have no place on a old fashion tube rack. Light   weight durable plastic you can load up and easily carry a full tray.
Additional Tube-Cube Racks Sold Separately
Catalog#Tube-Cube DescriptionLayout      
54901 9 place for
 8-16 mm tubes
54401 4 place for
26-30 mm tubes
54101 Single place for
up to 66mm tubes

Catalog Information

48700 Phlebotomy Tray Each 11”W x  4.25”D x 6”H
48710 Phlebotomy Tray Each 11”W x  4.25”D x 6”H

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