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UNICO is proud to introduce the new Colpo-Master™ LED line of Colposcopes with incredible optical clarity you have to see to believe!

Colpo-Master I features smooth, continuous zoom 4-27x magnification with 20x eyepieces and sharp focus for 3-D imaging. Available with Binocular or video-ready Trinocular heads with 298mm working distance. The field of view (FOV) ranges from 58.5mm at 4x to 8.5mm at 27x. All models with your choice of 3 or 5 leg sturdy mobile bases.

Designed with your viewing comfort in mind; Each model has dual diopter adjustments to independently adjust the focus of both Left and Right eyepieces to eliminate eyestrain.

Colpo-Master I’s Suspension Arm is rock-steady. To make head positioning easy it comes with locking casters and stainless steel handlebars, standard.

A super-bright LED bulb powers the fiber optic illumination, complete with variable intensity rheostat providing ample light for any application. Includes built-in green filter.

Complete with dust cover, power cord, manual, tool kit and 7 Year Limited Warranty, 1 year on electrical system Optional accessories are available - please contact UNICO for additional information.
ColpoMaster I LED

Model Configuration
Models CS-103LED, CS-103T-LED, CS-105LED, CS-105T-LED
Heads Binocular or Video-Ready Trinocular with C-Mount
Type of Stands Flex-arm suspension stand (3 and 5 legged bases)
Optical System Continuous Zoom with zoom ratio 1:6.7 (0.67x-4.5x)
Magnification Range 3.9x - 27x
Eyepieces 20x Extra-widefield, 11.5mm, with Diopter
Field of View (FOV) 58.5 mm at 3.9x to 8.5 mm at 27x
Working Distance 298 mm (11.75")
Inclination of Head 45-90 degrees, adjustable
Interpupillary Distance 55mm - 75mm
Power Supply 120 Volt 50/60 Hz, 1.5 Amps
Bulb (lamp) LED Illuminator with built in green filter and reostat
Fuse, Rating 2 Amps, 250 Volt Fast Blow Fuse




Introducing simple and effective options for physicians to capture images during exams or procedures for patient files, histories, or EMR programs. Provides real time video for exams, or as a teaching / training aide.

More information is available here (.pdf)


CS1 w cam

Catalog Info
Model Description Head Base
CS-103LED Colpo-Master I Colposcope, 3 Leg Binoc 3 leg
CS-103TLED Colpo-Master I Trinocular Colposcope, 3 Leg Trinoc 3 leg
CS-105LED Colpo-Master I, Colposcope, 5 Leg Binoc 5 leg
CS-105TLED Colpo-Master I Trinocular Colposcope, 5 Leg Trinoc 5 leg

Download Colpo-Master Brochure(pdf)

Download Colpo-Master Catalog pages(pdf)

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